Universal Aid for Children, Inc. was among the first organizations to respond to the refugee crisis in 2014 as a result of the Russian invasion into the sovereign nation of Ukraine. Waves of refugees entered the city of Odessa in  hope of finding shelter and possibly a home. Buses packed with people escaping the front lines kept arriving. Trains would pull into the Odessa train station, ready to unload their swarms of passengers; many of whom were children with special needs. This huge influx of people left the city of Odessa frantic; unsure of how best to meet the needs of it’s growing population. There wasn’t enough food, clothes, or medicine to give to everyone who needed it. Thankfully , UAC Ukraine was well equipped to deal with the situation with more than twenty years experience in providing such necessary supplies and services to thousands of  institutionalized  orphaned,displaced,and special need children throughout the region. The mayor of Odessa honored UAC with a special award to our organization for helping prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in the region. 

Today UAC is working closely with the Odessa Regional Administration by rendering assistance to persons dislocated from occupied territories. With the support of other NGOs, including Odessa Dream, as well as individual volunteers, we are able to address medical, nutritional, housing, psychological, and educational needs for those fleeing the combat zone and residing in Segeevka village and Social Center in Odessa. We also provide legal assistance for newly arrived refugees.