Impact of the War in Ukraine

  • Fighting in Eastern Ukraine has left 5 million people in need of humanitarian aid.  
  • The UN Children’s Fund estimates that 1 million children need humanitarian assistance. Many are living in makeshift collective centres throughout the country. They are missing out on school, and they face heightened risks of disease due to poor hygiene and because there are not enough medicines and vaccines available.
  • With over 1.4 million registered IDPs (internally displaced persons), Ukraine now has the ninth largest number of internally displaced in the world.
  • The World Health Organization estimates that about 1.4 million people need some form of medical assistance, but they cannot access it because they cannot afford to pay. Less than half of Ukrainian children have received necessary vaccinations. Social institutions, including orphanages, homes for the elderly and prisons in areas outside of government control are out of money and struggling to retain staff.

Refugee Relief

The war in Ukraine has forced thousands of people to flee from their homes. UAC currently has approximately 600 refugees under its care, including over 100 children and more than 200 individuals with disabilities. The refugees that we are assisting are located at two camps in a rural part of Odessa Oblast, far from most humanitarian aid delivery points. Food is in short supply, and continual medical aid is desperately needed for those with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders, gastrointestinal conditions and acute illnesses. UAC is supplying this underserved refugee population with life-sustaining food, medicine, hygiene supplies and clothing, all delivered bi-weekly by local UAC staff.

 “I would like to thank your charity for buying medicine for my disabled daughter. Her name is Catherine. She was diagnosed with psychoorganic syndrome. These medications are vitally necessary for her, and they are hard to find in pharmacies and very expensive. I am boundlessly thankful for your sympathy and kindness towards people like us who are in a difficult financial, physical and emotional situation.” --