Special needs

Institutionalized children with disabilities oftentimes do not have access to the education that they deserve. UAC strives to help these young people with special needs reach their full potential by providing:

  • Individual and group learning sessions
  • Art and music classes
  • Educational materials
  • Computer rooms
  • Therapy rooms
  • Career guidance counseling  
  • Life-skills development
  • Vocational training
  • -Scholarships 

In 2015, UAC was recognized in a report by Disability Rights International for its disability-inclusive Scholarship Program

“There are also other valuable models of services helping children from orphanages that greatly assist in promoting community integration for adolescents and young adults graduating from orphanages. One such program is Universal Aid for Children (UAC), based in Odessa. This program provides an array of support to help children with disabilities gain the job skills they will need to transition toward independent life. For children with disabilities, such a program can help avoid the trap of life-time institutionalization. A program like UAC provides invaluable low-cost services that could and should be expanded and replicated throughout the country at a time when many adolescents and young adults are in need of its support.”

Wish List for Children with Special Needs

  • Musical instruments
  • Sensory toys
  • Tactile puzzles
  • Motion lamps
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Light & sound balls
  • Sewing & knitting supplies
  • Dry erase boards (individual sized)
  • Magnetic learning kits
  • AquaDoodle mats
  • Color Wonder kits
  • Triangular crayons
  • Jumbo stamp pads
  • Easy-grip stamps
  • Kinetic sand kits
  • Wikki Stix