Nikolai Ko.

Nikolai Ko.

I was born in the city-type settlement of Berezovka. Currently, I live in Odessa with my granny. I started my studies at the 5th boarding school and after graduation, I entered Odessa Professional Lyceum of Maritime Transport to become a 2nd category lathe operator and mechanic. I had been studying there for a year but received an incomplete education. Later I had to leave the academic institution because I couldn’t fulfill the summer practice. It was expensive for me and I lost interest in that profession. Recently I entered Odessa Higher Professional Lyceum of Maritime and Touristic Service to become a 3rd category cook and waiter. My mother died because of the illness and I don’t possess any information about my father. Currently, my plans are to find a job with a suitable salary. Then I want to go sailing, to start doing sport and to maintain good physical shape.


13 October 2017


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