Arthur D.

Arthur D.

I was born in April of 1997 in Odessa Oblast, Kotovskiy district, village of Borschi. In 2003 I was sent to the Borschi boarding school because I was from a family with many children, and my parents couldn’t provide afford to support everyone. My mother died when I graduated from the 1st grade and my father was refused from us all. In 2007, my grandmother took us from the boarding school. I’m immensely grateful to her for that. I had been studying at Borschi general education school #2 from 2007 to 2012. After graduation, I entered Kotovsk Professional Lyceum to become tractor driver and multi-skilled mechanic. I graduated from it in 2015 and after that I entered the Petrivski Agrarian College in which I had been studying from 2015 to 2019. This time I decided to change my profession and entered an academic institution to become a veterinarian paramedic. I’m passionate about this profession and in 2019 I entered Odessa State University to become a vet. I’m studying here currently. At the times of my participation in the organization I was paid to attend the barber classes. I’m extremely grateful for that! This is my little insurance of my future. I don’t really remember my father and mother because they didn’t participate in my childhood. I just remember them coming home rarely, while we were fed by our neighbors. They were people of big hearts. I would like everything to be good with them. I have a brother and a sister. We have different surnames because my sister and I have different fathers. I love my siblings very much. My sister is married and she has a baby son. Soon, I want to graduate from university, receive a degree and try to find a job. It may be difficult to find work in our country but due to the UAC I have another decent job — the job of a barber. It is my airbag. When I’m free from studies, I’m reading detective novels. Unfortunately, I don’t have much of free time. I would like to read more. In my spare time, I also play games on my phone, which helps me to distract myself from routine and fuss.


08 August 2017