Bogdan L.

Bogdan L.

I am Bogdan.  I was born in 2004.

I went to school 09/01/2009 - 05/30/2014.

Donetsk Physics and Mathematics college from 2014 to - 2015. Then Secondary school the city of  Sergeevka

from 2015 to 2016, and Odessa school from  2016 - to 2021. 

At the present moment I study at the National University "Odessa Polytechnic" 2 course.  Specialty - Cyber security. I have several hobbies - chess which I have been playing for over 12 years, table tennis and traveling.  Now I am fond of biohacking, VR technologies.  I dream of repaying my mother for all the help she gave me, and also to visit the very center of the Vatican behind the wall of St. Paul.  My father died in 2016, and my mother is now with brothers and sister in Odessa.  We ended up in Odessa after the start of the war in 2014, when we fled from Donetsk.


07 December 2022