Mikhail P.

Mikhail P.

My name is Mikhail P. I was born in 2000  in the village of Poleznoye, Velikomikhaylovskiy district, Odessa region.

In 2015, my parents were deprived of parental rights and I was assigned to the Nikolaev orphanage. In 2017, I graduated from the orphanage and entered the Kotovsky Construction School at the Faculty of Mallar - Plasterer, which I graduated in 2019.

After graduating from college, I was sent to work in Odessa, worked at a construction site and lived like an orphan in a social dormitory.

In 2020, I entered the Odessa Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering, it was my dream to get a higher education. In 2024  June 30 I will finish my studies at the Academy.  In my free time I play football and tennis.


07 December 2022