Pavel S.

Pavel S.

My name is Pavel, I am 16 years old.  I was born in the city of Makeevka, Donetsk region in 2006.  I am from a Christian family,  and with the whole family went to church.  In the first grade I went to Makeevskaya secondary school, studied there until the 3rd grade.

  In 2014, fighting broke out in my hometown.  My mother, my brother and I were forced to move to the Odesa region, the village of Sergeevka.  There I went to 3rd grade.  My mother is a disabled person of the 2nd group, my father disappeared, my brother had a disability after an accident.  During this time we have changed many places of residence and schools.  Now I live in the city of Odesa at the Center for Social and Psychological Assistance, because our house was bombed and it is located in the uncontrolled territory of Ukraine, where shelling is taking place. 

My mother and I have never been there after we left, because the memories and nightmares about how my mother and brother and I hid in the basements from the bombing will always haunt us.  Over the years, a lot has changed in my life, my brother was stabbed to death, at night in the park.  My mother and I buried him in Odesa.  After this event, we did not despair and continued to go to the Christian church.  I graduated from the 9th grade of the Odessa school number 23 with good grades and last year I entered the Odessa Vocational school as a computer typing operator.  My mother is very sick, she almost never gets out of bed, she has a neurological diagnosis, there is an iron plate in her head instead of a part of the skull.

  I really like to study. I dream of starting working as soon as possible in order to be able to provide for my sick mother. I also have plans to go to University after graduating from college and combine work with study.  In my free time, I take care of my mother, I cook for her, wash, and clean.  But most of all I like to learn new things about computer systems and programs.  I don't have many friends because I don't have much free time.  Thank you for accepting me into the organization.



07 December 2022