Vladimir St.

Vladimir St.

I am Vladimir S., I was born in the city of Odessa in 2004 and until that time I lived in Odessa.

From 2011 to 2020 I studied at secondary educational school. At the moment I have been studying since 2020 at the Odessa Professional Lyceum of Construction and Architecture at the faculty of confectioner-cook, now in my 3rd year.

I like my future profession, it's a pity that because of the war there is no permanent opportunity to practice. The war brought a lot of misfortune to Ukraine, I didn’t think that we could have a war at all, and even for so long.  Our family of 8 souls of children with my mother live in a multi-storey building in two rooms, the younger ones wake up at night from sirens and explosions. We pray that the war ends soon and that innocent people do not die. It is a pity for the soldiers, especially now, when winter is coming soon.

We are very grateful to America and all the countries that support and help us. Every day it's getting harder to live, everything is getting more expensive

From the first year of my study I was accepted into the UAC organization and for the third year I have been receiving assistance. I am very grateful to my sponsor Mike for his participation in my life and in the life of my family. In 2018, my dad died and we seven children were left half-orphans. It was very hard for my mother with us and the UAC organization came to the rescue, they helped us then I got to know and met the coordinators of the organization.

I learned about Clara, who helped many orphans in Odessa to get on their feet, which we are very thankful for!

I have a dream that the war ends soon and we can live and work in peace. If God is willing, everything will be fine. After graduating from the lyceum I plan to enter a higher educational institution, become a good specialist, and open a restaurant in peaceful Odessa. I really want to have a decent job in order to provide for myself and help my mother raise my younger brothers and sister.


07 December 2022