Viktoriya O.

Viktoriya O.

Hello, I am Viktoriya O. I was born in 2005 in the city of Odessa My parents died when I was 12 years old, my grandmother immediately took me under her care.

But she is old and I am very worried about her.

My favorite subjects at school were Geography, History of Ukraine, and Physics.

I was fond of dancing, music and volleyball, and liked to participate in various sports competitions and win.

After school, I went to the city of Odessa. I am studying at the United Higher Vocational Technical School, for the last year.

I have a boyfriend whom I have known since childhood.

After graduating from school, next year I plan to enter the Odessa Military Academy together with my boyfriend, who is currently defending the Kherson region from the invaders.

I am very worried and pray for him, I am really waiting for the end of the war so that we can live peacefully, for this my boyfriend is fighting.

Now I live in a social dormitory in the city of Odessa.

I learned about the UAC organization from the social teacher of the social dormitory.

I will be grateful if you accept me into the organization and help me get the education I dream of.


26 October 2022