Anatoly P.

Anatoly P.

Hello, I am Anatoly P. I was born in 2003 in the Odessa region.

Until the age of 6, I lived with my parents, as they led an immoral lifestyle and drank alcohol, they were deprived of parental rights and I was taken to an orphanage in the village of Troitskoye.

I was in the shelter while my documents were being processed, then I was taken from the shelter to an orphanage, where I studied and lived for 3 years.

I was very glad that a family was found that took me under guardianship and they took me away from the orphanage.

I also lived in this family for only three years, my happiness did not last long, as they began to offend me and again I was taken to the orphanage.

After graduating, I entered the Berezovsky Agrarian Lyceum at the Faculty as a gas and electric welder.

Now I'm in my third and last year at lyceums. In connection with the war, classes are held online and I live in a social dormitory in Odessa.

In my free time I play football, parkour, and draw.

I dream that the war would end and I would return to normal life and study.

After graduating from the lyceum, I dream of getting a job at the construction site of high-rise buildings in order to earn good money.  I dream of having my own home and creating a strong family.

In the summer, on vacation, I temporarily worked part-time if possible, since now, because of the war, it is hard to find a job.

I have 1 year left to study.

I learned about the UAC organization from the guys who were former students of the organization, and social services teacher. I would be very grateful if you accept me into the organization, and help me finish my studies.


26 October 2022