Oleksiy S.

Oleksiy S.

Hello, I am Oleksiy S., born on March 5, 2007 in the city of Odessa. In 2019, when I was 12 years old our father died. There are 7 other children in our family besides me. When our dad died, we were taken to an orphanage for a while, and my mom filled out the paperwork. We were all very worried and wanted to return home to mom as soon as possible. When we were at the shelter, we met a coordinator from the UAC organization, they helped us a lot to make repairs in the house and more. Thanks to the help of the organization, my mother was able to take us home.

In 2022, I entered the Vocational school at the faculty of electric welding. This is my dream to get a profession and work on the construction of large multi-story buildings.

I really want to work in the future to provide for myself and create a strong family. During the summer holidays, I tried to earn extra money to help my mother.

Now, I am fond of Thai boxing and football with my older brother!

The UAC has been helping our family since our dad passed away. I would be very grateful if you accept me into the Students Program.


26 October 2022