Anastasia P.

Anastasia P.

I am Anastasia P., I was born in 2003 in Ukraine, Odesa region. I have two sisters and a brother and two half-sisters.  When I was 9 years old, we were taken to a shelter. We stayed there for almost half a year. I did not return to my family because my mother and father never stopped drinking alcohol. My cousin and her husband took me in to raise. They are disabled. During my studies at school, my favorite subjects were mathematics and history. I was good at athletics, I participated in competitions and I also went to various needlework clubs.

I graduated from high school in grade 11 in 2020. In the same year, I entered Odessa University of Technology, faculty of technology and commodity science of food products and food business.  Now in 2022, I continue to study in the 3rd year, and there are still two years left.  Now I live in a social dormitory, I don't have any bad habits.

I intend to continue to study well, because I have many goals for the future that I really want to achieve.

At the moment, the biggest dream is that the war ends!  So that we can study and work calmly.

I would be very grateful if you accept me into the organization UAC, a program to help orphaned students.


26 October 2022