Anatoly S

Anatoly S

Hello, my name is Anatoly S. I am 18 years old.  I am from Lugansk.

When I was  5, my father died, and my mother began to drink. Often she forgot to feed me and constantly beat me. When I was 7 years old, I walked for a long time, and when I came home I asked to eat. She grabbed me, and put my hands on the hot stove. With burns, I got to the hospital, and from there to the orphanage. There I first went to school in 2009. When I turned 8, I  met my foster mother she came to our orphanage. The Lord gave me a family, dad, mom, brother. Favorite school, and friends in the yard. Then the war started. I thought they would leave me since I'm not their own child. But my foster mother did not leave me. She, my brother, and I left for Odessa. We became refugees in 2014, and dad stayed to look after the property, so as not to get robbed. In 2015 he disappeared without a trace. We lost our home, our family business, our father died, and our mother fell ill.
The Lord and kind people helped with temporary housing and medicines. I found new friends. But the pain always lives in my heart about my city, about people who could not leave, and I decided to become a military man. I entered the Naval Lyceum in 2018. I got high grades and entered the 1st year of the Military Academy in 2020, the Faculty of the Marine Corps, anti-terrorist operations. I must free and protect children, women, and old men. Terrorism has no place on earth. No one should hide in basements. I pray to God for peace and am ready to devote me to defending freedom. Our country is fighting now.
Students have to buy uniforms, pay for sports training, and much more. My stepbrother has become disabled and needs care. Mom continues to be ill. She cannot help me financially, and I pray to God and you for help.
Help me please!


21 May 2021