Mikhail S.

Mikhail S.

Hello, my name is Mikhail. 

I was born in Lugansk in 2002. Growing up, I had a happy family with my mother, father, and adopted brother. We were a very cheerful friendly family. We studied, collected coins, went on picnics and stayed in tents while oncamping trips. Life was good. Everything changed in 2014, however, when the war began. Dad said we should leave for Odessa. So, in 2014, my mother, brother, and I became refugees. I never saw my father at home again. The last time he called was in 2015. No one has seen him since. The Red Cross and the police tried to find him, but he disappeared without a trace. He just left the apartment and disappeared. Not long after mom got very sick and was diagnosed with diabetes and cancer. She continued to work while receiving treatment, and my brother and I did what we could to help her. Then my legs began to hurt. It began with a sharp pain, followed by an ache in my bones. My mom took me to see a doctor, only to be told that I have flat-feet, and that I’m experiencing growing pains. We left, but my legs continued to deteriorate. At one point they’d gone paralyzed. This was accompanied by fevers and heart palpitations. An emergency follow-up assessment by a cardiologist found that I was exhibiting Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis, and some eye damage, because of prolonged stress combined with adolescence. We have been fighting the disease for over 6 months. The procedures are painful and very expensive. But I have faith that the Lord, the doctors, and my family, will help me. While undergoing treatment, I continue attend college. I’m studying to become an engineer to hopefully one day work in the energy sector.

With respect and gratitude,



08 February 2021