Elisey K.

Elisey K.

Hello, My name is  Elisey,

I am a second-year at the Nautical College in Odessa, studying to become a ship mechanic. I was born in the city of Pervomaisk, in the Luhansk region. I was raised by my mother because my father passed away before I was born. Due to the war in eastern Ukraine in 2014, we had to leave our hometown to save our lives. We reached out to the first Odessa's church, where they helped us with temporary housing. Upon graduating from the 9th grade I entered the Naval College to become a sailor-minder. There I learned a lot about my profession. The following year I had an internship at Odessa's port and went to sea several times. 

I met UAC’s Vera at church when she told me about the UAC organization. Since then I’ve gotten so much support from them for which I am very grateful. After graduating from college I will study to be an auto mechanic. I have several hobbies for when I’m not studying. I like to break down and rebuild computers. I play sports, such as basketball and running. I also like to play the guitar. In the future, I wish to become a senior mechanic on a ship and conquer seas and oceans.



08 February 2021