Vladimir S.

Vladimir S.

Hello, my name is Vladimir.

I was born in the city of Odessa. I am the oldest in the family. At 12 years old, I already had 3 sisters and 3 brothers. I went to a nearby school at the age of 7.  At first, I was an excellent student, but as my family continued to grow, my school performance decreased. I finished 9th grade with a score of 6.6. Because we had a large family we did not have much money, especially because our father drank a lot of alcohol. The house was not always at peace and from this, we children and mom suffered. 

When I was 14, our dad died, and my siblings and I were taken to the shelter. In about 6 months we were all brought back to our mom thanks to the participation and help of the UAC organization. They helped us with a partial renovation and purchased a washing machine and a stove. Our UAC sponsor sent several packages with food and belongings.  For us, it was a huge help, morale, and material, which gave us hope that we would not be left in a difficult moment. 

I once dreamed to become a pastry chef. Because I was the eldest in the family, I helped mom all the time to prepare meals. When I finished 9th grade I entered the Odessa Professional College of Construction and Architecture at the Faculty of Confectionery. I am very grateful to UAC for the fact that I was accepted, and I am a student of this organization.



06 February 2021