Ruslan Se

Ruslan Se

I was born in April of 1997 in the village of Shiryayeve, Odessa Oblast. Since 2005 I had been studying at the Ananiev general education boarding school, where I graduated from the 11th grade. During that period of my studies, I had been doing sports, professional soccer and played for the city team. I was also attracted by athletics. My mother Serikova Tatiana Arkadievna was deprived of parental rights and my father Chernishenko Evgeniy Aleksandrovich was also deprived of parental rights and refused from them. In 2016 I finished my studies at school and started my military service in the military maritime forces of Ukraine. A year later, I entered the Higher Institution named after Nakhimov, the department of navigation to become a navigator. There I’m continuing my studies, being a 2nd-year student. I’m still doing soccer and athletics. I dream of finishing my studies and receiving officer's shoulder boards and of defending the maritime borders of my country.


29 February 2020