Elena Ru

Elena Ru

I was born in July of 1998 in the city of Tatarbunari of Odessa Oblast. I used to live in the village of Byelolyessiye together with my mother and my brother. In 2005 I entered the 1st grade of Byelolyesska general education school but because of my mother’s death in 2008 I moved to another village of Trapovka. My birth father and his wife took custody of me. I had been living with them for 3 years and then my grandmother from Odessa came. We lived with her in the new house. I graduated from the 9th grade and in 2014 I entered Odessa Higher Professional College of Service to become a seamstress and at the same time, I was accepted to the evening school. In 2017, I graduated from the 12th grade and the 3rd year of studies. I wanted to continue my studies but I didn’t have a certificate of an associate degree. I had to go to work and earn money and I went working as a construction site accomplice and after to the workshop to work as a seamstress. It was very difficult to work 6 days per week 11 hours a day. Later I had the possibility to become an associate specialist and it has given me hope to take tests and enter a higher academic institution. I live in a social dormitory. After my schooling, I want to find myself a job and to earn money on an apartment, to open a workshop and to work on myself and of course to create a family.


29 February 2020