Yulia Ka.

Yulia Ka.

I was born in May of 2001 in the village of Osipovka, Odessa Oblast. My twin brother Petya was born 5 minutes earlier than me and he always reminds me of that fact. We had an older brother and sister too. My father was always working hard to provide us a living. Unfortunately, I don’t remember him well. He had a good sense of humor and a positive character, but it all happened when he was sober. Our oldest brother went to Russia when we were small. He was helping our family financially. Our sister was studying at school and helping our mother. My mother’s name is Lyubov (love in English), which characterizes her in the very best way. She cooked very well, and she loved reading and sewing. She used to grow plants and sew the toys for us. I wanted to go to school to get all this knowledge. When we were small we were diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Our parents couldn’t deal with that. They always took us to doctors. Their attention was concentrated on us. Soon my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She went through several operations and took a lot of medications. She went through chemotherapy in hospitals. In 2007 our father died. He was beaten by robbers. In September mother brought us to the boarding school #7. I was lucky to meet a good teacher who always supported us. That year the most important thing for me was to come home and to see my mother alive. I was very afraid to find out about her death. I was right. In 2008 she passed away. There are things that you can’t return. I always try to convince people of the necessity of cherishing the close people around them. After my mother’s death her brother, our uncle, took custody of us. He is a very kindhearted and strong person. However, parents can’t ever be substituted. That’s why it was difficult for us in the beginning. Our uncle and aunt gave us a lot. This year the term of custody came to an end and my brother went to live with our sister. He walks badly and it’s difficult for our aunt and uncle to take care of him. I had a very active life at school. I took part in various fests, events, and competitions. Sometimes people fear boarding schools if they have never come across them. However, my school is a wonderful place. Sometimes I was worried that it would be difficult for me at college. Currently, I’m a 2nd-year student and I’m among the top three best students in the lyceum. It’s how I understood that it doesn’t matter where you are from and which diagnosis you possess, which your status is. The most important thing is your commitment. I have always been fond of handicraft. I know many techniques. I love macrame the best. In 2014 I was given a phone with a camera as a present. That’s how my old dream came true. I have always liked taking pictures and in a few years, I realized that it was more than a hobby for me. I started making a portfolio for entering an academic institution. In May 2018, I graduated from school and in September I became a student of Odessa professional lyceum of technologies and design to become a computer typing operator and photographer. One day I’d like to release my photography skills to show the beauty of our world with the help of my pictures. I dream to have enough finances in the future to provide aid for children like me. When I was a child there were such gracious people in my life. Currently, I’m writing my thesis on the topic of computer graphics. I’m looking forward to starting my studies in the field of photographing. I rent an apartment near my lyceum. I like to study but I haven’t yet chosen a higher academic institution for entrance in the future. I haven’t found a university connected with photographic art. The work is a great part of our lives. I want to live it happily, bringing use to others.


29 February 2020