Denis Ef.

Denis Ef.

I was born in October of 1999 in Odessa, Ukraine. I had been living with my mother and step father in his apartment. I don’t remember my birth father at all. He came from India to study in Odessa Medical University. When I was 2 years old he finished his studies and went back to India. I stayed with my mother. When I was approximately 4 years old my mother made acquaintance with my step father with whom we used to live. My mother died in 2010 and then my step father wanted to take a custody of me but he didn’t get a permission and I was taken away. After my mother had died I was taken to the first orphanage where I had spent three months and then I was sent to the 5th boarding school. There I had been studying from 2012 to 2016. After graduating from 11th grade I entered the 16th specialized school to become an electric welder. I entered the 3rd year of studies. I had been studying there for one year and then I entered the college of industrial automation and computer technologies where I’m a 4th-year student. My specialty is sectoral machine building. I live in the dormitory of our college. This is my last year of studies. I’m finishing my studies in June, 2020. When I was living in the boarding school I was doing the Thai-boxing. I had been doing sport for two and a half years. Currently I’m attending the soccer trainings three times per week. I’m planning to enter the academy of telecommunications, the management faculty. I have a desire to get on my feet and not to be afraid of the unknown and unpredictable future.


29 February 2020