Vlada Ba.

Vlada Ba.

I was born in October of 2002 in Odessa. Mother had problems health problems relating to alcoholism, which had me placed in an orphanage at seven years old. We were left without a living and I was sent to the orphanage, in Odessa. There I got acquainted with Vera Stepanovna and I remember Clara coming to the orphanage. We were preparing to meet her and she gave us presents, a lot of clothes and chocolate. Lynda and Lynette brought us a lot of threads and Vera Stepanovna taught me how to knit. It was my favorite job in the orphanage. I knitted a dress, booties for a little sister and slippers for myself. My mother gave birth to a little sister, gathered the needed documents and took me back home when I was 9 to let me help her. My sister has been disabled since birth. She has problems with her eyesight, because of ptosis. My mother stopped drinking alcohol and I was sent to school # 76 where I would eventually graduate. Then my little brother was born. Because our father doesn’t participate in our lives my mother would work the night shifts to bring money home and make our lives cozy. When I was studying at school I looked after my brother and sister. I was the chief of my class and participated in amateur arts. Chemistry was my favorite subject. When I graduated from the art school I entered college to study hospitality and food systems management.

I’m grateful for the UAC scholarship and the operation provided for my sister on her eye. When I was working my hours, I got acquainted with Andrey who I have been dating for a year already. I want to finish my studies and find myself a good job to earn good money. I really like my profession and I want to become a good specialist. I graduated from the 1st year of studies quite successfully and entered the second academic year. Thank you very much again for the given opportunity to be in the organization.


29 February 2020