Olga M.

Olga M.

My name is Olga.

I was born in Odessa. My mother died when I was 3, according to the documents, my father went missing. I also have two elder brothers but they never sought communication with me. When I was 6 I entered the 87th boarding school where I had studied for half a year. When I was 7 I went to study in Razdelnaya. When I was 8, I was sent to the boarding school # 93 for blind children, and I studied there for 12 full years. I really like my boarding school. There I have found a lot of good and true friends with whom it is easy to communicate. Since my childhood I’ve dreamed of becoming a lawyer and to help people especially the disabled people like myself. Soon my dream will come true. I have an inborn retinal detachment. When I was seven, I was operated in the Filatov clinic. One of my eyes was saved but my eyesight is still worsening. However, I’m sure that everything will be okay and I will be able to study and to work. I really want to be useful. I've liked doing sports since my very childhood. I sang in the choir and recited poems at school events. I like drawing a lot. I’m fond of computer science and foreign literature. My favorite subjects are physics and algebra. I’m so happy to be in the program. I promise to study hard and I look forward to dedicating my hours at the boarding schools and to help younger students.


09 July 2019