Rady D.

Rady D.

My name is Rady,

My parents died when I was little and I’m an orphan. I was studying in the village of Pischannoye in Odessa Oblast. I graduated from the 9th grade there, and I did very well there. After graduating from the boarding school I entered The Odessa Professional Technical College #16. I have already finished the first year of studies and entered the second. Studying comes easy to me and I like my future profession — painter and plasterer and tile layerer. There’s always some job in this field. In the future I want to create a strong and happy family. When I lived and studied at the boarding school we were visited by religious people from Odessa. I made friends with them and when I entered the college they offered me a living. One friend told me about UAC and together we came to different students’ meetings. I’m so grateful to have learned about UAC and to be accepted in their program.


09 July 2019