Nazar G.

Nazar G.

My name is Nazar.

I was born in the urban village of Sarata. There are 5 of children in the family, 3 elder sisters, myself, and a younger brother. My brother and I are disabled; my brother is bed bound. In 2003 my father left for work and never came back. He was missing. My mother tried to find him but her search brought no result. She was left with nothing but to raise us up on her own. Thank God that my sisters have an education and are working. Here in the village lives a woman who had graduated from the 7th boarding school. She advised my mother the 7th boarding school for me. I was studying well at the primary school and knew how to read since I was 5. I love reading and I always borrowed books from the school library. I'm also fond of math and I count well. I was socially active at school, participated in various events, sang in the choir and recited poems. In senior school my studies weren't that excellent anymore as far as I went through surgeries almost every year. My legs were 5 times operated. Despite all this, I still tried hard and brought manuals home and tried to learn whatever I could. I'm planning to enter Odessa Professional Lyceum of Services under South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushinsky. After graduating from it, I'm planning to enter the higher academic institution to become an accountant. I appreciate the opportunity to be in this program and hope to be sponsored soon.


09 July 2019