Victoria Z.

Victoria Z.

My name is Victoria,

When I was 5 years old, my mother died and I lived with my father. When I was 7 I entered school but because of the bad eyesight, I took individual classes. I graduated from the 9th grade. My father died in 2017 and my aunt took custody of me. Then I entered a Maritime College but it was hard for me to study there because I had to write down a lot of information and to work with the computer. I was moved to the boarding school #93 where I graduated from the 11th grade. The boarding school is very good. Each teacher pays attention to students and treats everyone with love. I became close with the headteacher there. My favorite subject is foreign literature. I actively participated in the social life of the boarding school. I’m entering the specialized school in Genichesk to become a massage therapist and my studies will last for 3 years. I feel so lucky to be in the UAC program. Thank you and I hope to be considered for sponsorship.


09 July 2019