Maria P.

Maria P.

Hello! My name is Maria.

I was born in Ukraine, in the city of Odessa. My father died when I was young. Soon after his death, my mother passed away, and I was sent to the orphanage. After graduating from the 9th grade, I entered the 1st year of studies in the Specialized school to become an accountant. Since my childhood, I have been interested in dancing, singing, and embroidery. Until now, I have been trying to dedicate my time not only to studies but also to my hobbies as well. I learned about your organization in August and have already received some partial aid. I am acquainted with the rules of the organization and ask you to accept me. We have learned a lot about your organization which was created to provide aid to orphans and students. We have also experienced your care while being in the orphanage. I would gladly participate in the UAC organization and be the part of it.

Thank you for reviewing my application!

With the deepest respect,



03 November 2018