Kristina Ch.

Kristina Ch.

My name is  Kristina,

I was born in Odessa, into a poor family where my parents suffered from alcohol addiction. When I was 8 years old, my mom died and my dad just died 2 months ago. In 2016 I was taken from my family because my dad couldn’t work and was disabled. He couldn’t walk and was very sick because of his alcohol abuse. For a while, I was kept in the shelter until I was transferred to Orphanage #5, where I am studying and living at the moment. I like it here in the orphanage. There are many interesting things to do. I am able to attend dancing and singing classes. In the orphanage, they help me with my studies since I missed so much in the past. Now I devote my time to getting ready to enter the medical college. I am focusing on subjects like Chemistry, Biology, and Math. I am trying to get used to new people and classmates but I really miss my parents and my home. Recently, I have begun to understand that my future life depends only on me.

Thank you for helping me.

With the deepest respect,

Kristina Ch. 


18 October 2018