Ekaterina Pr.

Ekaterina Pr.

I was born in January of 2000 in Odessa, Ukraine. I used to live with my parents but then my father started drinking and beating my mother. My mother had enough of that and we left him! My mother married another man who became my step-father and we lived happily together. However, I didn’t get attention from my biological dad. When I was 8 years old I entered the 1st grade of school. In 2007, we were stressed out because my stepfather had his leg amputated. In 2015 my parents fell ill, my mother had pneumonia and my stepfather was diagnosed with lymphoma. On the 4th of February, my mother passed away and I was left with my step-father on my own. He was hospitalized then. I was taken to an orphanage and in a few months, my stepfather died. I was suffering this tragedy very badly. I can’t remember these deaths without crying. I terribly miss them both! I have an aim to honor my parents who were refused medical help. I would like to become a doctor and to help people. My first attempt to enter a medical institution was after my graduation from the 9th grade of school. I wasn’t taken then because of my test scores. I didn’t lose hope, however. In 2016, I entered the Odessa Higher Professional Technical College where I graduated as a seamstress. With the help of the UAC I was able to attend preparatory classes. I was taking an external independent evaluation test and then I entered a medical college. My profession is an obstetrician. I’m studying in the first academic semester already and I really like this specialty. The program has helped me in many things and I’m immensely grateful to it and its employees.


02 March 2018